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Pinned with Purpose

Our Mission is to motivate others through Great Design, to be Great.

With every pin you purchase, by Elias donates tools to create. 



In 2014, by Elias' founder responded to a call-to-action, as he witnessed younger creative children in his home town of Brooklyn, New York, restricted to express themselves artistically, due to the lack of art supplies in the local schools. Compelled to help, the "PINNED WITH PURPOSE®" was birthed, an initiative which donated art supplies to New York City Public Schools, supports teachers in their needs and funds creative programs.



With every by Elias pin purchased, by Elias donates art supplies to a school or youth program in need or school or youth program recommendation by our generous clients. PINNED WITH PURPOSE®

purpose diagram


  • Continue to Motivate others to be great.

  • Provide the tools needed for the youth to have an outlet of creativity.

  • Provide NATIONAL coverage of providing amazing access to creativity and the arts.

  • Provide GLOBAL coverage of providing amazing access to creativity and the arts.

  • Partner with other creative forces to make a larger impact on a global scale.

Check out the latest Featured Pin providing help and assistance to our teachers and students gain the tools needed for success.


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