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About us

We are a living brand, we cater to you from the moment you wake up - to the minute you go back to sleep. We create accessories that are synonymous sophistication.  We place accessories in the forefront and design them to have your life evolve around them.  Our main focus is to enhance the way you look, travel and live.

The by Elias client is discerning in matters of taste and thus, we are humbled and more than eager to provide painstakingly handcrafted products that satiates the demands of these ladies and gentlemen. Each by Elias piece goes through rigorous inspection to ensure only the most brilliant pieces are sent to all who take ownership of our products. We take great pains to use the best materials for our pieces. At by Elias, we feel strongly that, beyond the sum for a good, the more crucial intrinsic value all clients feel for our unique products only grows with time.

We are grateful and humbled you've chosen to visit our site and, hopefully, will become part of the by Elias family.



Since its founding in 2013, by Elias has sought to provide elegant, yet understated, artisanal pieces to serve as the finishing touches on our elegantly attired clients across the globe. With a home-base in Brooklyn, NY, we at by Elias aim to present the most unique and eye catching accessories, all of which are produced in the United States. This dedication, coupled with a diligent attention to our clients' satisfaction and an overall pleasing experience is our modus operandi.

Made in America

All of our products are made in Brooklyn, New York.

Some of our fabrics and materials are sourced globally, to provide the best standards in quality.  

We believe in hand made and hand crafted so we keep the tradition of the American Artisan alive within our company, no matter the cost or sacrifice. 

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 7:00pm

Sunday – closed